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Air Quality Resources

UV Air Purifiers: Do They Work?

UVGI is recommended in Approved Document F, but how effective are standalone uv air purifiers for non-residential buildings? This article runs through when and when not to use them for your air cleaning solution.

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The UVGI Explainer: How it Works, Benefits & Solutions

This comprehensive guide to ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) will help anyone responsible for the IAQ in non-residential buildings understand the technology and how best to deploy it.

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UVGI vs Bipolar Ionisation in Non-Residential Buildings

These two solutions are often recommended for the same air quality problems, often because they both work well and several of their benefits overlap. And yet, there are differences that mean one is more suitable than the other.

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How to Select and Install the Right UVGI Solution for Your Building

This guide will help you deploy a correctly powered UVGI solution, and one that is in the right place to maximise its effectiveness against microorganisms.

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UV vs HEPA Filtration

CIBSE, SAGE and now the updated Part F of the building regulations recommend UVC or HEPA for recirculating HVAC systems. This article compares their energy use.

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