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New UK legislation gives indoor air quality a minimum safety standard in non-residential buildings. We are here to help you fulfil your responsibility to your building's occupants and comply with statutory guidance.


Complete Commercial and Residential Indoor Air Quality Solutions

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Assess, continually monitor and maintain your workplace air quality — whether in an office, school, hospital, factory or food production facility — in line with new UK indoor air quality regulations.

Our Services
Adam Taylor

Founder, ARM Environments


Keep people healthy and productive, comply with legal obligations and avoid liability in compensation claims

  • IAQ Assessment
  • IAQ Remediation
  • IAQ Maintenance

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ARM Environments provides a turn-key, cost-effective solution to meeting and exceeding mandated indoor air quality.

We spend around 85% of our time indoors, so it's critical we make sure the air we're breathing is clean.

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Healthy Building Standards: How to Comply with Them

This article shows how healthy building standards define good indoor air quality and what solutions you can deploy (that they recommend) to meet them.

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UV Air Purifiers: Do They Work?

air purifier in office lobby

UVGI is recommended in Approved Document F, but how effective are standalone uv air purifiers for non-residential buildings? This article runs through when and when not to use them for your air cleaning solution.

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The UVGI Explainer: How it Works, Benefits & Solutions

UV-C lamps

This comprehensive guide to ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) will help anyone responsible for the IAQ in non-residential buildings understand the technology and how best to deploy it.

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