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DW145 Update 2024

The DW145 standard, titled "Guide to Good Practice for the Installation of Fire and Smoke Dampers," was first released in 2001 by the Building and Engineering Services Association (BESA).


BESA has recently issued a technical bulletin (VH001) in response to concerns regarding the installation practices of numerous smoke control dampers and fire dampers. This bulletin precedes a comprehensive update of the industry guidance for the ‘Installation of Fire Dampers and Smoke Dampers’ (DW145), now scheduled for release in 2024.


For more background information on Fire Dampers as well as the relevant standards, see our explainer article: Everything You Need to Know About Fire and Smoke Dampers.


BESA used the bulletin to urgently alert the industry to a critical flaw in building ventilation systems, unveiling the interim technical bulletin, VH001, ahead of the DW145 update due in 2024. The bulletin exposes widespread issues with fire dampers' installations, discovered during annual inspections. Graeme Fox, BESA's technical director, highlighted a concerning practice involving self-drilling screws compromising damper integrity, and emphasised the necessity of fusible fixings for proper fire containment. 


BESA's technical committee issued a crucial decree, urging contractors to educate clients on the widespread problem. The bulletin delves into legal obligations, emphasising the role of penetration seals in fire safety. 


VH001 can be downloaded from the BESA website.


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Adam Taylor