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Corsi Rosenthal box kit

A new study published by the Silent Spring Institute and researchers at Brown University found that the Corsi-Rosenthal DIY filters developed by Dean Richard Corsi to be effective at preventing the spread of other  indoor air pollutants in addition to covid-19 that they were originally developed for.


ARM Environments donated a number of Corsi Rosenthal box kits to AirRated and The Camden Clean Air initiative for the launch of their Schools air quality workshops.


We have developed a cost-effective complete DIY corsi rosenthal box filter kit using ePM1 55% efficient filters that use a mini-pleat design for a long service life. The kit is easy to assemble in approximately 10 minutes. A multi-spped fan means that the noise from the box-filter will not be excessive.

These box-filters are lower cost that traditional air purifuers with similar performance, and are a great teaching aid for the topic of indoor air quality.


Corsi Rosenthal box filter Kit contents

4 No ePM1 55% Filters

Low energy multi-speen fan

Colour-matched sealing tape.


Please get in contact for a quotation for a DIY box filter kit.


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