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ARM Environments on ITV News, Teaching at Elmgreen School


In December 2022, we ran a workshop with Year 10s at The Elmgreen School in West Norwood, South London, alongside AirRated and scientists from the University of Nottingham. 


The story was covered by ITV News above, and in this BBC London article.


We started with an educational seminar on the dangers of air pollution and poor indoor air quality management, especially important for schools close to main roads such as Elmgreen which is 50 yards from the South Circular. This is the same road, a few miles away from where a schoolgirl died from breathing in PM 2.5 in 2013.


Helping to educate are Francesca Brady, CEO AirRated; Adam Taylor, CEO ARM Environments; Rohit Chakraborty, Air Quality Scientist at AirRated

We brought 8 of our DIY Corsi Rosenthal filter box kits for the children to build in the workshop. They only take up to 45 minutes to assemble, use a low-energy fan and can be fitted with different types of filters depending on requirements, such as 4 No ePM1 55% filters and ePM10/activated carbon filters.

The scientists from the University of Nottingham and AirRated also set up Airthings sensors around the school. to measure, among other things, the levels of particulate pollution. This data will be collected and used to automatically switch the DIY air purifiers on and off to ensure that good IAQ does not come with a heavy energy penalty.

Get a free seminar and workshop for your school

This is something we offer to all educational establishments; we will provide a complementary air quality seminar and build workshop to those who order 8 or more filter kits from us.

Please get in touch to place your order and arrange your free school workshop.


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