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Free Air Quality Workshop Kits for Schools

Air pollution is the largest environmental threat to our health.  It can be especially damaging for children.  The great news is a small effort can have a large impact.


So a collaboration between ARM Environments, BESA, and the Engineering Services Training Trust, is offering schools across the country the kit, and guidance, to deliver free air quality workshops with your school kids, to assemble a functional, health-improving filter box.  The kids will learn the simple, but vital science behind it, and they will finish the workshop with a stronger understanding of the positive impacts of this effort, and the importance of doing so.


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Air Quality Workshop FAQs



What BESA say about indoor air quality

"The air you breathe affects every part of your body, from your lungs to your heart and brain. The World Health Organisation identifies several serious long-term illnesses linked to poor air quality, such as asthma, lung cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other inflammatory conditions. Additionally, air pollution is the fourth leading cause of death, following cancer, obesity, and heart disease. Unfortunately, being indoors at home or work doesn’t protect you from polluted air. In the UK, we spend a large proportion of our time indoors - the most common estimate is around 90% of our day. So indoor air quality has a significant impact on our well-being. The UK government emphasises that poor air quality is especially harmful to children, potentially causing lifelong health issues due to prolonged exposure to pollution."


Workshops for schools

At ARM Environments we love air quality workshops in schools, as they help raise awareness of the importance of indoor air quality for health and wellbeing, and give the kids practical STEM learning for their schools' indoor air quality.


Corsi-Rosenthal box-filters are great for schools because they are:


  • Fun – easy to assemble in approximately 40 minutes whilst learning about the impact they have.
  • Recyclable – plastic use is minimal and we offer a recycling service for used filters.
  • Low noise – a multi-speed fan means that the noise from the box-filter will not be excessive.


How to build a Corsi-Rosenthal DIY air filter

We put together this quick 1 minute video to show you how simple and quick it is to build your own air filter. 




Book a free workshop for your school

If you would like to book a free air quality workshop, please leave your details in the form below.



Information for supporters

The building services industry is facing a skills shortage. Few school children are aware of the important work happening in the building services industry. Along with delivering the air quality and DIY air purifier workshop, you will have the opportunity to talk about your own experience in the building services industry and to discuss the wide range of careers available.


The workshop slides will be pre-prepared for you and a pre-recorded video of the presentation will be available for you. The components of the DIY air-purifier kits will be sent to the school in advance of your arrival.


Please let us know where you are based and how far you would be willing to travel to present the workshop to a school.


Donate your time to deliver an air quality workshop


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