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The USA offered COVID relief grants to many organisations and businesses very early on in the pandemic. Now the Scottish Government have announced that they making £25 million of covid ventilation grants available for reducing COVID risk indoors.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Business Ventilation Fund

The funding is currently only available for the most high-risk environments detailed below.

cafes, casinos, cinemas, close contact services*, comedy clubs, community, function and multi-purpose event venues (including wedding venues), hostels, hotels, indoor bowling alleys, indoor football centres, indoor gyms, indoor soft play/role centre, laser tag and escape rooms, leisure centres, licensed bingo clubs, licensed sport and social clubs, music and event venues, nightclubs, offices, pharmacies, pool and snooker clubs, public houses, theatres, restaurants and licensed cafes, swimming pools, yoga/dance/exercise studios.

We have a range of solutions that are fully or part-funded by these grants. Carbon dioxide (CO2) monitors (either standalone or networked) or full air quality monitoring equipment

When it comes to air purifiers, we have a range of standalone air purifiers that are part-funded by the grants, and low energy Plasma Air Purification units that can be fitted to your existing air conditioning system, the cost of these is fully covered by the grant.

What businesses can claim

Grant available ARM Solution  

Purchasing and installation of standalone CO2 monitors (single spaces)

Up to £200 each



Purchasing and installation of networked CO2 monitors (multiple spaces)


Up to £200 per space, £200 gateway
£300-500 installation.



Purchasing and installation of networked CO2 monitors (mechanically ventilated spaces)

Up to £500 each



Purchase and installation of air filters/purifiers

Up to £250 each


15-100% GRANT FUNDED  
Purchasing and installation of monitoring equipment (including monitoring for large mechanical ventilation systems)

Up to £500 each







Following the announcement in Scotland governments in Wales Northern Ireland and England are likely to follow suit, if you are outside of Scotland, get in touch if you want us to keep you updated with the latest grant funding available.

Get in touch to find out more.

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Adam Taylor