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Combined ePM10 and Molecular Filters

Integrating molecular filtration into an air handling unit (AHU) often means adding a significant pressure drop.


ARM Environments have a solution to add molecular filtration to an AHU without significantly increasing the overall pressure drop. Combined particulate and molecular final filters are available, but the active carbon weight in them is low, so they quickly become saturated and ineffective at removing gaseous pollutants long before the particulate filter has reached the end of its useful life.


For this reason, we incorporate active carbon into the pre-filter. Pre-filters are changed more readily than final filters, so the point at which the molecular filter loses efficiency is more aligned with when the particulate filter has reached its efficient dust holding capacity.


Read more about how molecular filters are rated in ISO 10121-3.


Filter sizes available:

Our combined ePM10-molecular filters are currently available in the following sizes: 


  • 287 x 596 x 47
  • 496 x 596 x 47
  • 596 x 596 x 47

We will be adding deeper filters soon to further increase the life and performance of these units.


Please get in touch for more information or to place an order.


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