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Optimise AHU costs, improve indoor air quality




Considering buying a new air handling unit?

Or refurbishing with like-for-like components?

Our MaintainAway product offers a third option. Upgrading to smart IoT components saves energy, and removes the need for regular cleaning and maintenance.

A small increase in CapEx saves you a lot of OpEx.


indoor air quality

MaintainAway is a two time award winner:

ASHRAE's Technology Awards 2023 – Smart Buildings

HVR Awards 2023 – Indoor Air Quality Initiative of the Year

Ashrae MaintainAway

Affordable, optimal, sustainable

Cheaper overall:
Inspecting each AHU component, cleaning the coils & drain pans, and not being notified of when to replace filters, can rack up your costs quickly. The smart IoT components of MaintainAway enable you to focus your spend elsewhere.
Optimise energy consumption:
Sticking with the filters provided by AHU manufacturers & maintenance contractors is seldom energy efficient. G4 pre-filters and F7 final filters typically selected with most AHUs use more energy than necessary.
Reduce waste:
Typically, pre-filters are changed every 3 months whether they need to be or not. Filters are typically chosen on cost rather than lifespan. MaintainAway models filter selection using outdoor air quality data, to minimise your filter changes.

How MaintainAway
Saves Energy and Costs


Belt-free fans

EC Fans and direct drive switch fans have no drive belts to inspect or maintain


Ultra-long life filters

Low energy ePM10 and ePM1 filters last longer and have low pressure drop – replacement filters can be selected and supplied via subscription using our Smart Filtration Management solution



Replacement filters-1
Pressure drop sensors_square

Automated filter monitoring

Filter condition is monitored remotely through pressure drop sensors. Any problems, like a filter blowout, will  be alerted immediately



UVGI coil & pan cleaning

The cooling coils and drain pans are cleaned with UV light – there is no need to inspect or clean them



UV Door_square

Easier Maintenance

Typical AHU Maintenance MaintainAway
Motor drive belt inspections Direct-drive EC fans remove the need for belts
Motor inspection Remote monitoring of status, inc run hours and vibration
Motor lubrication Motor lubrication not required, sealed bearings
Cooling coil inspections Coil irradiated with UVGI to prevent biofilm growth
Cleaning drain pan Drain pan irradiated with UVGI to prevent biofilm growth
Record filter pressure drop value Filter pressure drop remotely monitored in cloud
Filter condition inspection Filter inspection not required – automated notifications
Replace pre filters (3 monthly) Ultra long-life pre-filters used

Optimised Operation

Typical Operation MaintainAway
TimeClock operation Demand-driven
Possibly CO2 driven Indoor air quality driven
Mixing on temperature Mixing proportion based on temperature & IAQ
Filters selected via rule of thumb Filters selected to Eurovent 4/23
Maintenance on a planned basis Data driven maintenance based on usage
Faults fixed as discovered Faults identified in advance via data-feed



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