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Bipolar Ionisation

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All bipolar ionisation units are selected according to the supply air flow and the concentration of pollutants in the space. See our selection guide, or get in touch and we will make the selection for you.

All devices are UL2988 certified for zero ozone emissions.



Bipolar Ionisation for AHUs

Bipolar ionisation installed in the AHU will treat the air entering the building before it gets to the occupied zone.

Ultra fine particles that have passed straight through the filters will be clustered into larger, less harmful particles that will either be removed by low grade filters in FCUs, or will eventually drop out of the breathing zone. VOCs from vehicle emissions will be broken down into less harmful compounds as they pass through the ductwork.


Recommended BPI Models

Plasma Air BAR
(Submittal | Installation Manual)

Plasma Air PA1500
(Submittal | Installation Manual)


Bipolar Ionisation for Branch Ducts

If ionisation cannot be installed in the AHU, branch ducts are a good option. Installing in branch ducts allows the amount of ionisation to be matched to the level of pollutants in each space.

Airspeed across the ionisation unit is critical, so placement of units near bends without turning vanes should be avoided. While Bipolar ionisation units do not require consumables, access for maintenance should be provided.


Recommended BPI Models

Plasma Air PA1500
(Submittal | Installation Manual)

Plasma Air 7000 Series
(Submittal | Installation Manual)



Bipolar Ionisation for FCUs

If you have FCUs or cassettes in your building, that is the best place to deploy Bipolar ionisation. The performance of the units is related to the number of ions they can create in the space. Creating ions in the FCU, and then immediately distributing them into the room will result in the highest concentrations, and therefore the greatest efficacy. Maintenance of the Bipolar ionisation units can be carried out at the same time as the FCU filters are cleaned or replaced.



Recommended BPI Models

Plasma Air PA604
(Submittal | Installation Manual)

Plasma Air PA664
(Submittal | Installation Manual)


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